The Committee

As the organizers of this prestigious event, our dedicated team of professionals is committed to creating a world-class conference experience that fosters collaboration, innovation, and growth in the field of hair restoration.

Our committee comprises a diverse group of experts, including renowned hair transplant specialists, researchers, and industry leaders, who share a passion for advancing the science and art of hair restoration. Together, we have meticulously designed the HairCon 2024 program to deliver a comprehensive and engaging experience, featuring cutting-edge research, groundbreaking techniques, and practical workshops led by some of the most respected names in the field.

The HairCon 2024 Committee also recognizes the importance of networking and collaboration in driving the industry forward. We have crafted an event that offers ample opportunities for attendees to connect with their peers, forge new partnerships, and collaborate on projects that will shape the future of hair restoration.

As we prepare to welcome you to Coimbatore, the HairCon 2024 Committee remains dedicated to ensuring that the conference exceeds your expectations in every way. We are excited to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences that will propel the hair restoration industry to new heights.

On behalf of the HairCon 2024 Committee, we look forward to hosting you at this transformative event. Together, we will continue to redefine the boundaries of hair restoration and create a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by hair loss.

Executive Council



Dr. Sukhbir Singh


President of AHRS

Dr. Aman Dua

sunith agarwal

Joint Secretary

Dr. Sumit Agrawal

vikram photo

Joint Secretary

Dr. Vikram Kumar


Immediate Past President

Dr. Anil Garg

Mayank 2

Vice President

Dr. Mayank Singh



Dr. Kumaresan

Central Council


Board Member

Dr. Ramachandran


Board Member

Dr. Rajinder Singh Rajput


Board Member

Dr.MysoreNagaraj Venkataram


Chairman of Ethical Committee

Dr. Narendra Patwardhan


Board Member

Dr. Manoj Khanna


Board Member

Dr. Kapil Dua


Board Member

Dr. Sandeep Sattur